Dots & Circles I

Modified miura detail
Modified miura detail

I attempted a modification of  “miura” stitching in one of my iced aqua pieces. In traditional  miura, a crochet-like hook is used to pull and loop tiny sections of fabric to create a dotted texture.

For this piece, instead of using a crochet hook, I used small pearl-like beads, stitching them to the fabric, thinking that the bead would act as a resist.

The results were interesting, but not as evenly resisted as when using thread and a hook.  I might try this “modified miura” method again on its own, but I’m thinking I’d rather combine this method with another method, hopefully yielding a more interesting effect.

Modified miura iced aqua silk
Modified miura iced aqua silk

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Brett Barker is a painter, textile artist, art/design instructor, and writer whose career spans more than 25 years. Originally from New Mexico, she now resides in Redondo Beach, California. She has taught fine art, artistic design, and textile design to numerous individuals, art guilds, and organizations throughout the U.S. She has a Master's Degree in Art Education from the University of Nebraska. Her artwork sells throughout the U.S. and is available on her website, She is currently undertaking a year-long investigation of Japanese shibori dyeing that will culminate in a trip to Japan to study under a master shibori artist in September of 2016. Her shibori blog can be found at Her surface and textile designs can be found at

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