Mustard Week I

Over the weekend, I was cleaning out my garage (just because it is SO FUN–ugh) and I found an entire garbage bag filled with mustard weed flowers that I had harvested in the spring.  There is a gigantic empty lot near my place that gets covered in beautiful yellow mustard weed flowers every year. And then, when the flowers are at their peak, the city comes and mows them all down.  🙁

So this year, I decided to harvest some of the flowers and use them for…something (remember my “about” page where I said I hoard stuff?).  When I found the bagful on Sunday, I knew I had my dye for the week.  YAY!

So without further ado, here is my first attempt.  I employed a traditional arashi method using the mustard weed mixture.  Then I overdyed this with a combo of dried lavender and misc green leaves from my backyard trees, using itajime to get the triangular areas (if you want more info on these methods, see my “shibori primer” pages here).

Akashi on cotton with mustard weed, lavender, and leaves
Arashi on cotton with mustard weed, lavender, and leaves
Mustard weed arashi detail
Mustard weed arashi detail


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