About Peace. Love. Shibori.™ and its creator, Brett Barker

Peace. Love. Shibori.™

I created  Peace. Love. Shibori.™  in early 2012.  I began by designing and selling my Japanese shibori pieces primarily through pop-ups that sprung up throughout the California Beach Cities region.  Later, shibori was added to my website, where I offer individual pieces for sale and textile/surface designs for worldwide licensing.

In 2016, I was invited to work with a shibori master in Fujino, Japan–a perfect way to culminate my year-long, intensive shibori investigation.  Along the lines of a Julie and Julia project, I began examining the history of Japanese shibori dyeing in 2015.  After extensive study of each historical period, I make 2-3 pieces that utilize period-specific shibori materials and techniques.  I created this blog to document and discuss my work on this project.  I’m also documenting the attempt to use plant-based dyes in some of my shibori pieces under the “eat it then dye” moniker.

Itajime silk scarf, 16" x 60" © Brett Barker
Itajime silk scarf using pant-based dyes, 16″ x 60,” © Brett Barker


Brett Barker, the creative force behind the Brett Barker Design Studio™  and Peace. Love. Shibori. brands, spends her days breathing in salty air and creating innovative surface and apparel designs from her Redondo Beach, California studio. Hand-dyed, hand-painted, shibori, and CAD designs are available for licensing on her website, www.brettbarkerdesign.com, under the bbds collections tab via password.  Select Japanese shibori-dyed artwork and apparel are available for sale under the peace.love.shibori. tab on her BBDS site.

A fine art background, including three art degrees and over 20 years of experience as a painter, an art & design faculty member, and an author of a best-selling textile design book have given Brett a unique, innovative perspective on surface and textile design.