The Easy Way Out: Dyeing with Tea

Yes, I took the easy way out for my first shibori edible dyeing project, electing to use tea as the main colorant. Yep, just plain ol’ ordinary, in my case Trader Joes English Breakfast, tea. It was easy to simply save the bags from my afternoon tea for a few days and go for it.  I didn’t even take it out of the little bag, just placed the used tea bags on the stove with some water and two pieces for my dyeing project–a piece of silk organza (my very fave) and a bamboo scarf from Dharma Trading. You can see that the tea took to the different fabrics VERY differently–the bamboo fabric, folded on the upper right, is a pretty cream while the organza that’s being ironed here is almost tobacco-colored.  Same pot of water, same amount of time to steep (overnight).two tea stains

Finished shibori pieces, plus a few extras where I took the technique further, will be posted tomorrow, so stay tuned!